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About the company


Together with a group of experts and technology partners, we build modern generation sources based on cogeneration systems and renewable energy sources and we implement the best available technologies (BATs) for environmental protection in the municipal and industrial energy sector.

Our advantages consist of more than 32 years of experience in managing complex energy projects, qualified staff with experience in building modern systems for environmental protection.

Elemont Econstruction has the status of authorised partner of Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe. Take a look at our range of gas turbines including hydrogen turbines.

Comprehensive approach

The Elemont ecOnstraction brand delivers "turn-key" projects by building modern combined heat and power plants based on cogeneration sources such as gas engines and turbines. As a General Contractor, we implement large projects for the construction of photovoltaic (PV) farms for Polish and foreign investors, offering comprehensive solutions for energy generation and storage, while for combustion sources we provide, under the "design and build" formula, modern technologies of flue gas cleaning systems using denitrification, desulphurization and dust extraction.

We are involved in projects concerning the construction of modern combustion sources using biomass, RDF, and hazardous waste, which, combined with our experience in the field of flue gas cleaning systems, enables us to provide our customers with a comprehensive offer within the scope of adapting their plants to rigorous environmental standards.

Our individual approach and analysis of specific projects are the key to our success; this includes conceptual works, proposal developments, technical and technological engineering works, as well as implementation of on-site works.

Our areas of expertise:


Other technologies used:

  • storage and transport of the product or sorbet
  • heavy metal reduction
  • cogeneration systems

Company history

Elemont was founded in 1990 and has grown rapidly since then. We began with projects in the field of electrical and telecommunication systems as well as automation and control systems, carrying out increasingly ambitious projects, among which we can mention our key participation in the construction of new units 5 and 6 at the Opole Power Plant or the construction of a Water Treatment Plant at the Opole Power Plant valued at PLN 286 million. Due to the dynamic growth of the company in 2018, we set up a team of specialists and, under the name Econstruction, we carry out construction projects for energy and industry under the turnkey General Contracting formula.


  • 1990

    Creation of Elemont

  • 2010

    Construction of new Company headquarters

  • 2013

    Elemont as the Main Contractor of the Water Treatment Plant for the Opole Power Plant.

    Project value of PLN 276 million.

  • 2014

    Construction of units

    No. 5 and 6 at the Opole Power Plant (2014-2019)
  • 2015

    Opening of the Company's office in Wrocław

  • 2017

    PLN 50 million turnover exceeded

  • 2018

    Creation of an ecOnstruction brand dedicated to General Contracting projects

    As a team of experts continuing to develop the competencies of the Elemont Group within the framework of the General Contractor for Environmental Projects

  • 2018

    Pabianice District Heating Station

    signing a contract for the construction of a non-catalytic flue gas denitrification, flue gas desulphurisation using a semi-dry method and flue gas dedusting installation for three WR-25 boilers at the Municipal Heat Plant in Pabianice
  • 2019

    A new location for Econstruction's Katowice office office is set up

  • 2019

    PLN 100 million turnover exceeded

  • 2019

    Signing of first General Contractor contracts for construction of high-efficiency cogeneration systems

  • 2019

    Energetyka Cieplna Skierniewice - signing of contract

    signing a contract for the construction of a high-efficiency cogeneration unit of 4x 2MWe electric power and 7.8 MWt thermal power for Energetyka Cieplna Skierniewice
  • 2020

    Signing of an agreement with Tauron Dystrybucja Serwis S.A

    for the design, supply and execution of construction and installation works for the investment project "Commissioning of two container cogeneration installations of 2x 2.7 MWe power from gas from demethanation of mining excavations at the Brzeszcze mine"
  • 2020

    Expansion of Econstruction's portfolio to include gas and steam units

  • 2020

    Expansion of Econstruction's offer for renewable energy installations

  • 2020

    Due to the continuous growth of the company, the office in Katowice is being expanded

  • 2021

    Contract signed for construction of a high-efficiency cogeneration unit in Opole

    based on three containerised CHP units of 3x 2.7 MWe and 8 MWt

  • 2021

    Signing of a contract with Węglokoks Energia S.A. for the construction of a new high-performance cogeneration facility

    consisting of two cogeneration units with a total electrical output of 8.8 MWe and a thermal output of 8 MWt and three gas-fired water boilers with a total output of 8.1 MWt as part of the "New Source, New Wirek" project
  • 2021

    Contract signed between PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. and ELEMONT S.A. for the construction of a gas unit

    based on an 8 MWe gas turbine with a 12.5 MWt thermal recovery water boiler at PGE EC S.A. Kielce Combined Heat and Power Plant Branch and a service contract for the Gas Turbine
  • 2022

    PLN 180 million turnover exceeded

  • 2022

    Wybór Elemont i Econstruction na partnera biznesowego światowego producenta turbin gazowych KawasakiSelection of Elemont and Econstruction as business partner of global gas turbine manufacturer Kawasaki