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Ingka Investments (IKEA)



Construction of the eBoP part of the 63 MW Wysoka wind farm

Electrical works

including comprehensive implementation of power evacuation:

  • Detailed design and as-built documentation
  • Supply and installation of nearly 60 km of HV cables
  • Laying optical fibre along a HV line
  • Delivery and installation of a 70 MVA transformer
  • Supply and installation of reactive power compensation equipment
  • Supply and installation of overhead HV devices
  • Delivery and installation of SN switchgears
  • Delivery and installation of LN switchgears
  • Supply and installation of URST system
  • Delivery and installation of telemechanic systems
  • Delivery and installation of telecommunication systems
  • Implementation of SCADA system at GPO substation
  • EON, ION, FON operating permit procedures

Building works:

  • Detailed design and as-built documentation
  • Construction of 110/33 kV GPO substation
  • Construction of technical building
  • Construction of the power transformer station
  • Foundations for high-voltage apparatus
  • Firefighting equipment building
  • Internal roads and yards
  • Fencing, drainage, greenery