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Quadran Polska sp. z o.o


Quadran Polska sp. z o.o


Main Contractor

Construction of photovoltaic farms with a total capacity exceeding 6.7 MWP

Scope of works

  • Design work for the development and agreement of replacement building designs with productivity analysis, followed by detailed design, including arrangements with Power Company
  • Supply and installation of free-standing support structures suitable for high-power, double-sided PV modules (large module sizes) - pile-driving construction
  • Installation of PV modules - double-sided (bifacial) half-cut modules with outputs well in excess of 400Wp
  • Supply and installation of photovoltaic (string) inverters with a capacity exceeding 100kW and a maximum DC side voltage of 1500V
  • Supply and installation of 1MVA MV container transformer stations at each project.
  • Complex cabling on AC and DC sides
  • Supply and installation of a weather monitoring system
  • Construction of a MV power connection for each farm with power lines to the connection site
  • Development of a test plan, control system instructions and instructions for operational cooperation
  • Start-up of the power plant including trial runs
  • Execution of exits, access roads and internal roads covered by the building design
  • Construction of a fence with an entrance gate
  • As-built documentation including preparation and agreement with the DSO of the power plant operation manual
  • Obtaining a final and legally valid use permit