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Our offer includes technologies for flue gas dedusting (bag filters, electrofilters), desulphurisation (wet, semi-dry and dry methods), denitrification (non-catalytic method) and removal of heavy metals through the use of activated carbon.

As part of our cooperation with customers, we advise on the best solutions for the operation of their boiler plants, carry out the entire project from the formal and construction aspects, obtain the required environmental approvals and provide to the customer with technical financial guarantees of not exceeding the limit values of harmful emissions.


Removal of sulphur from flue gas is ensured through application of state-of-the-art and reliable methods such as dry, semi-dry, and wet. Dust extraction from flue gas is ensured through application of bag filters and electrostatic filters in accordance with specific requirements.

We are able to ensure effectiveness exceeding 95% for DeSOx plant and exceeding 99% for dust removal plant.

In order to obtain required reduction of nitrogen oxides on stoker-fired boilers, we have been applying state-of-the-art selective non-catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides. First, we apply solutions that - in the order of priority - reduce nitrogen oxides through the primary method; subsequently, secondary methods, such as injection of aqua ammonia or urea to combustion chamber.

Efficiency of this method may reach 70%.


In terms of turnkey execution, we perform:

  • Concept and selection of Flue Gas Cleaning System
  • Design work including basic, detailed and as-built designs in all disciplines
  • Execution of construction and structural-mechanical works
  • Assembly and installation work for technology and around technology installations,
  • Construction of Flue Gas Ducts with sealed flaps,
  • Supply and installation of exhaust and booster fans,
  • Supply of SNCR and installation on the boiler
  • Supply and installation of a complete desulphurisation plant
  • Supply and installation of a heavy metals reduction facility
  • Supply and installation of storage silos for reaction products and sorbent
  • Supply and installation of pneumatic transport
  • Supply and installation of a compressor station
  • Supply and installation of flue gas monitoring
  • Development of the master software for the entire installation and integration with the customer's existing control and visualisation systems
  • All electrical, installation and construction work
  • Automation and control systems including connection and integration with existing control and visualisation systems.
  • Performance of guaranteed measurements and commissioning
  • Long-term maintenance service for commissioned installations.
  1. We effectively remove dust and SOx, NOx, HCI, HF and Hg compounds.
  2. We adjust the efficiency of the installation according to the customer's needs.
  3. We individually select the best available technologies.
  4. We use the minimum necessary quantities of sorbents, process water and electricity.
  5. We use a small development area.
  6. We produce no additional waste water - only dry product.
  7. We do not heat the fuel gas.
  8. We keep investment costs low.
  9. We act for a better!

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