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We offer our support at every stage of the project. We advise on the selection of the best solutions, optimization and equipment from reputable manufacturers and present solutions tailored to the client's requirements.

We are committed to providing safe and reliable solutions at each stage.

Project scale

We deliver large-scale BoP wind farm projects supporting those involved in development, construction, investment and operation. We advise large developers and investment companies on solutions related to the construction of wind farms allowing them to complete their investment project in a profitable way.

In terms of turnkey execution, we perform:

  • Design work including conceptual, building, detailed and as-built designs,
  • Construction work for roads and foundations
  • Electrical work for cable routing
  • Powr evacuation (MV and HV), construction of a connection to the company network or transformer/switching station.
  • Design and construction of substations.
  • Automation and control systems including connection and integration with existing control and visualisation systems.
  • Testing in accordance with NCRfG objectives and requirements
  • Maintenance service of commissioned facilities.

Selected projects